Committee Members for Electrical Division Session 2020/2021





LSB Representative

Mainland China Affairs/Visit

Ir Tam Wing Shing

Immediate Past Chairman, 

Annual Symposium Sub-committee Chairman

Ir Yeung Kwong Tung, Tony

Deputy Chairman,

PSC Representative,

Annual Dinner Sub-committee Chairman,

Mainland Technical Visit Sub-committee Chairman

Ir Leung Yiu Hong

Hon. Secretary

Ir Dr Pong Man Hay, Bryan

Hon. Treasurer

Ir Chu Yim Kwong

Assistant Hon. Secretary,

In attendance

Mr. Mou, Stan

Committee Member

Ir Au Tat Kay, Walter

Committee Member

Ir Chan Nga Kit

Committee Member,

Membership Drive Sub-Committee Chairman

Ir Lee Yan Lung, Ian

Committee Member

Technical Program/Publication Sub-committee Chairman

Ir Leung Che Wai, Joseph

Committee Member,

Publication and Communication Sub-committee Chairman

Ir Leung Kwun Wah, Stanley

Committee Member

Ir Leung Man Yee, Mandy

Committee Member,

Local Technical Visit Sub-committee Chairman

Ir Yan Ka Wing,  Andrew

Committee Member,

CPD Representative

Ir Sze Kin Man, Raymond

Committee Member,

Electrical Model Sub-committee Chairman

Ir Yip Chi Kin, Stephen

Committee Member

Ir Chan Cheong Yue, Hugo

Committee Member

Ir Chan Kar Keung, Steve

Committee Member (under 35)

Ir Fu Tsun Hao, Alex

Committee member (under 35)

Professional Short Course Subcommittee Chairman

Ir Vincent Leung

Committee member (under 35)

Ir Ko Yik Yan, Yani

Past Chairman, 

Ex-officio member - Discipline Representative


Ir Dr Lo Wai Chau, Edward

Ex-officio member - YMC Representative

Ms. Yip King Yan, June

Ex-officio member - SSC Representative

Ir Tsui Hoi Chung, Simon

Ex-officio member - Council Member (Electrical Division)

Ir Chan Yiu Hon

Ex-officio member - AMC Representative

Mr Wong Wing Fai, Indi

Past Chairman

Ir Chiang Tung Keung

Past Chairman

Ir Chan Chau Fat

Past Chairman

Ir Dr Chan Fuk Cheung

Past Chairman

Ir Chan Loong, Geoffrey

Past Chairman

Ir Chung Fuk Wai, Simon

Past Chairman

Ir Leung Chi Lap

Past Chairman

Ir Ho Sai King

Past Chairman,

Energy Innovation Project Competition Sub-committee Chairman

Ir Ho Siu Kwong

Past Chairman

Ir Ko Chi Wai, Gary

Past Chairman

Ir To Wang Kam, Albert

Co-opted Member

Mr. Wong Tsz Ming, Keith

Co-opted Member

Ir  Leung Chi Tim , Tim

Co-opted Member

Ir Lam Kin Chung, Banson