The Electrical Division is one of the largest and most established Divisions of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. It is established to enable electrical engineers to be identified, to meet and read technical papers of a specialised nature and to provide formal representation on the Councils and Boards of the Institution.

The Missions of the Electrical Division are:

-    To promote the advancement of electrical engineering and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas in Hong Kong.

-    To provide a broad range of services to members, to assist them in developing in their careers by improving their capabilities as engineers and to play their full part in contributing to society in Hong Kong.

-    To raise the standing and visibility of the profession and to maintain a high standard of professional conduct in Hong Kong.

The Main Aims of the Electrical Division are:

     To encourage the exchange of technical information and ideas, as a learned society, among members and with other societies.

-     To take an active interest in environmental issues in Hong Kong.

-     To encourage and foster collaboration amongst members and with local branches of relevant overseas professional Institutions.

-      To enhance communications amongst members of the Division, members of other Divisions, disciplines and the various Boards and Council of the Institution.

-     To attract members of the Institution to join the Division and encourage members to participate in the Division functions. 


電機分部為香港工程師學會創會成員之一,歷史悠久,會員眾多。分部成立後,通過舉辦各類型的學術活動,如講座,研討會,海外及本地考察,以及展覽,比賽項目等,加強了各電機工程師會員之間的交流,也加深了市民及學生們對電機工程專業的認識。作為電機工程專業的一個主要學術組織,電機分部肩負著各種使命。具體而言,這些使命包括 1. 促進電機工程的發展,及有關信息的交流 2. 為會員提供相關服務,提高其工程專業的能力以發展他們的事業,並充分發揮其對社會的貢獻。 3.提高本專業的地位,並維持高水平的專業運作及操守。 因應上述使命,電機分部有五個主要的目標 1. 鼓勵成員之間以及與其他學術團體在專業技術以至信息上的交流。 2. 鼓勵和促進成員之間以及與相關海外專業機構在本地分支機構之間的學術合作。3. 積極關心香港的環境保護問題。 4. 加強分部成員,其他分部成員以及香港工程師學會的各理事會之間的溝通。 5. 吸引學會成員加入電機分部並鼓勵其成員積極參加該分部的各種活動。