Events / Activities

  Date Type Events
   25/11/2023 Others “Inspire the Next” Series: Experience Sharing Workshop on Road to be Professional Electrical Engineer
   19/10/2023 Annual Symposium The HKIE – Electrical Division The 41st Annual Symposium on "Emerging Technology for Sustainable Development"
   13/10/2023 Technical Talk Technical Seminar - The New Era of Data Industry's Top Critical Equipment: Standby Power System
   29/09/2023 Local Technical Visit Local Technical Visit to Low Carbon Energy Education Centre
   11/09/2023 Technical Talk Technical Seminar - Exploring the Connections and Distinctions between Building Information Modeling (BIM), Information Management, and Digital Twins in the Construction Industry
   10/09/2023 China Technical Visit Mainland Technical Visit to Xinjiang (新疆)
   08/09/2023 Others EIHK YPN X HKIE ELD Cocktail Workshop
   15/07/2023 Overseas Technical Visit Overseas Technical Visit
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