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  03/01/2021 Technical Webinar: Drive into the world of EV charging
  29/12/2020 Technical Webinar: Digitalize Electrification - The revolution of Low Voltage Industry
  29/08/2020 Technical Webinar: How new technology could help Electrical Engineers throughout the Building Life Cycle
  27/07/2020 Technical Webinar: Renewable Integration Using Energy Storage
  04/01/2020 Technical Visit to E&M Inno Zone and Interactive Learning Centre at EMSD Headquarters
  14/12/2019 Event Report - Seminar of Development of Airfield Ground Lighting System in Hong Kong International Airport
  14/12/2019 Event Report - The 37th Electrical Division Symposium “Innovation for Engineering Advancement”
  05/01/2020 Technical Visit to New World Victoria Dockside (K11)
  26/04/2019 EL Division Annual Report, 2nd AGM Notice and Financial Statement for Session 2018/2019