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Technical Visit to WSD Floating Photovoltaic System at Plover Cove Reservoir

Date, time & venue

2018-02-24;9:30 am to 11:30 am;Plover Cove Reservoir, Tai Po


Technical Visit

Technical Visit to WSD Floating Photovoltaic System at Plover Cove Reservoir   



24 February 2018 (Saturday) from 0930 hours to 1130 hours



Plover Cove Reservoir, Tai Po, New Territories


Programme Highlights

The past few years have seen growing deployment of floating photovoltaic (FPV) systems on reservoirs and ponds overseas. Apart from harvesting renewable energy from the sun, there are additional benefits of installing such systems over the reservoir surface, which include reducing water evaporation, suppressing algae growth, saving precious land resources and yielding a higher solar panel power generation efficiency.

As the reservoirs are situated in the protected scenic areas of country parks, apart from technical requirements, installing the FPV systems on reservoirs need to consider the ecological and environmental as well as landscape impacts to the nearby area. To explore the feasibility of installing FPV systems on reservoirs, two small-scale pilot FPV projects with generation capacity of 100kW each were carried out at Shek Pik Reservoir and Plover Cove Reservoir.   


The trial FPV system at Plover Cove Reservoir was commissioned in 10/2017 and 120,000 units (kilowatt-hours) of green electricity are expected to be generated annually. The amount of electricity generated is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 36 average households with a reduction of 84 tonnes of CO2 emission.


The facilities being visited will include the floating photovoltaic panel, control room and associated E&M facilities





The visit is free of charge to HKIE members. The number of participants will be limited to 25 based on a first-come-first-served principle; however, priority will be given to the members of the Electrical Division. Separate email notification will be sent to successful applicants after the enrolment deadline. Details of the visit will be advised to the successful applicants. If you wish to join this technical visit, please complete the standard reply form and send it to Ir Andrew Yan by email ( on or before 20/2/2018.  Neither the Institution nor any other parties facilitating this visit accepts any liability whatsoever in connection with the visit.





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