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Event Report - Seminar of Development of Airfield Ground Lighting System in Hong Kong International Airport


9 DEC 2019 (MON) By Ir M H Pong

Ir James Ng, Senior Manager (Electrical & Mechanical) of the Airport Authority Hong Kong, gave a very nice talk on airfield lighting equipment at the Hong Kong International Airport. He started by tracing back in history to the old days when the Kai Tak Airport was built. Many valuable historic photographs brought our memories back to those old days when lighting equipment, or any sort of equipment, was very primitive. In the days that came afterwards we saw the development of the airport into a modern international airport with state-of-the-art equipment. In particular James talks about the airfield lighting which plays a crucial role to give visual navigation to pilots and safeguard the landing off numerous aircrafts. James also brings into the issue of maintenance which is a major concern for most engineers. He shows the Importance and the laborious work needed to keep kilometres of runway lighting in proper operation all the time.

James then introduced an invention by the HKIA, the Airfield Ground Lighting Scanning and Inspection System (AGLSIS). It is a world’s first automated system to conduct scanning and inspection of AGL by high speed photography and data analytics to check the lighting equipment. This system can make an efficient use of airport’s maintenance windows, enhancing runway safety and address the increasing demands to accommodate for more passengers and cargos. This intelligent system for an airport sheds a new and important light on how innovative technology can shape a Smart Hong Kong as well as a Smart Airport.




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