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Technical Visit to E&M Inno Zone and Interactive Learning Centre at EMSD Headquarters



Prepared by: Ir Stephen Yip


33 members had joined the captioned visit organized by the Electrical Division on 10 August 2019.


As the first part of visit, all members had chance to visit the Interactive Learning Centre (ILC). ILC is a learning centre which can provide technical training with aid of innovative technology to help the staff to familiarize with the maintenance procedures or operational steps.  Through this interactive learning, the staff could practice in a virtual environment rather than in a real environment which may contain human hazards. During the visit, the participants could appreciate the Hologram 3D system and virtual training systems for wedding, boiler operation, lift maintenance, fire protection system operation etc.

After the visit of ILC, the participants also visited the E&M InnoZone. EMSD has implemented a series of initiatives to drive Innovation and Technology (I&T) development of E&M industry in the recent years.  Setting up of E&M InnoZone also serves for this purpose.

In the InnoZone, there were many interactive I&T projects that are the outcome of EMSD’s I&T collaboration with academic institutions and research institutions in Hong Kong. The exhibits cover the application of Internet of Things (IoT), automation, artificial intelligence and energy efficiency technologies.  In the InnoZone, our participants could appreciate many different innovative projects, which include the washroom management system, VR cave, unmanned aerial vehicles for indoor inspection of E&M installations, navigating laser guided vehicle & etc.  The participants were eager to ask questions and exchanged their experience with colleague from EMSD on the development of IoT and their application.

Through this technical visit, all members acquired an in-depth understanding about the I&T development and application in Hong Kong. Taking this opportunity, the Electrical Division would like to express our sincere appreciation to engineering staff from EMSD Headquarter to make this visit fruitful and successful.




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