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Technical Webinar: Renewable Integration Using Energy Storage


 Technical Webinar: Renewable Integration Using Energy Storage


Date: 18 Aug 2020

Time: 18:30 to 20:00

Technical Webinar: via Zoom

Organized by Electrical Division


Programme Highlight:

When integrating renewable energy resources, primarily PV systems, into the grid, we are faced with two major problems. The first one is the local impact of PV generators due to its distributed nature and a generally disturbed power flow in the grid. The second one is the global impact which is due to the limited dependability of such generators and no alignment with the global and local load time series. The seminar will illustrate how advanced grid interconnection norms address to those challenges and effectively extend the hosting capacity of the grid for distributed renewable generators. We will see that such technical requirements are currently the most significant drivers for the implementation of energy storage systems in conjunction with non-dependable renewable generation.


Dr. George Garabandic

Dr. Garabandic has 20 years of experience in the renewable energy industry in several positions, including design engineer, engineering manager, analyst, business developer and consultant. In his previous position, George led teams in developing utility scale E-storage power conversion systems and projects that involved Li Ion, NAS and Flow batteries. In his current role as Principal Consultant with DNV GL, George is pursuing his passion in developing E-storage solutions and making them attractive to investors, forward thinking companies, utilities and municipalities.

Registration & Enquiry:

This is a technical webinar and free of charge.

Please register here via the following website https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfHL42_0kxw4RVhfOovOTtByR9lUWOasVSZnVDFNlUgxgkSsQ/viewform


The deadline for registration is 12 Aug 2020. The webinar link will be sent to your email address once registration is confirmed. For enquiry, please send email to programme.hkie.eldiv@gmail.com.




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