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Event Report - Professional Short Course 2021 – Class 1 and 2


Professional Short Course 2021 – Class 1 and 2

By Ir Vincent LEUNG


The Professional Short Course 2021 with four classes, on the theme of “Latest Regulations and New Technology in Electrical Engineering”, was held by the Electrical Division successfully in March and April 2021.  Experienced engineers and industry practitioners from academic institution, government department, supplier and utility power companies were invited to give members updated and practical knowledge of technology and regulations in electrical engineering.  All classes were arranged as online classes in view of the pandemic situation. 


Dr. Benjamin HO, Senior Lecturer from University of Hong Kong and Mr. Paul TSANG, Chief Operation Officer from I-Charge Solutions Internal Company Limited were invited as co-speakers for Class 1 on the topic “MEP Design Approach and IoT Solutions for EV Charging Facilities”.  In the class, various types of chargers and systems including "Charger Management System (CMS)" were introduced.  Control concepts like diversity, load management, power supply and control logic etc. and “share resources” concept were also introduced with practical cases sharing.


For Class 2, we invited Mr. Keith WONG, Head of Digital Business, Smart Infrastructure, from Siemens HK & Macau as the speaker for the topic “Smart Energy: The Digital Era of Low Voltage Assemblies”.  The speaker shared with members on the revolution and development of low voltage components, adaptability of IoT technologies, applications of cloud computation, the open standard and cyber security conformance, as well as the future trend of intelligent operations.


Both classes of the Course were well received by our members with over 230 participations in total.  These online classes together with the online quiz, as well as the interactive question-and-answer session, were particularly welcomed by the participants.  Professional Short Course 2021 – Classes 3 and 4 will be reported in the next issue of this Journal. 


Photo caption: Speakers of Class 1 and Class 2 sharing updated and practical knowledge of electrical engineering with members




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